Saturday, 4 February 2012

Down side up, upside down.

Pool session tomorrow @ Baldock Canoe Club to get some help with my roll. I have done a few in the past but they aren't nearly as consistent as I need them to be for Anglesey and are usually completed by chance.

As you can see from the guy in the video below the main benefit you don't need to wet exit and rescue. This saves on energy (from climbing back in) and also minimises the risk of the paddler becoming separated from the Kayak as you never leave it. If I can do it half as well as this guy I'll be happy...

Hoping to get my own GoPro camera & mount before the event so I can grab some footage on the rather than just photos. I'm mindful that I seem to be posting lots of videos of other people rather than what I've been doing! They are pretty expensive though so I'll have to see if any more overtime comes my way! There are also higher priorities such as a dry suit, as I'm certain I'll end up in the drink at one point around Anglesey and don't fancy hypothermia.


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