Sunday, 29 January 2012


Reached £100 today (+£25 gift aid), thank you to everyone who has donated so early on. I haven't really earned it for EWB yet, there are still a lot of skills to develop and fitness to improve over the coming months for the circumnavigation.

Today I was trying something different. I went out in an explorer (left, manufactured by mad river canoe). My knees and hips are now really aching! I need to go to B&Q and get some DIY knee pads.
I haven't done much in open canoes, started barely able to travel straight (at least without cheating and swapping the side I was paddling on!), but came back able to do J-strokes on both sides and maintain a course paddling both forwards and backwards. It reminds me of when I started in the river kayaks, for something that looks so simple (i.e. Just moving forwards) there is more to it than you initially would think as an observer. It can get pretty frustrating once you are in the boat trying to do it. Still, like anything else, if you persist you will get it.

Pretty knackered, probably a combination of different muscle groups from trying something new and excessive effort due to sloppy technique.

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