Saturday, 28 January 2012

Recycling an old picture here but I'm out in the open canoes (red) tomorrow. I really suck in open canoes and can't even go in a straight line without swapping the side I paddle on! One of the coaches has kindly offered 6 weeks of training in these so hopefully that will be enough to improve and enjoy them some more (I suffer from that man thing of only enjoying what I'm good at!). It's mainly for fitness tomorrow as not many of the skills are transferable to Sea Kayaks, although I am now down to organise a 3 day circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight in July for the club so that will be another opportunity to brush up on sea skills.

Totally unrelated but there's a good video of some sea kayaking in Cornwall below, no idea where it is shot but I want to be out there! I've paddled out of Falmouth in Cornwall twice with SKC, great place!


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