Friday, 6 January 2012

First steps

An out of date Almanac and a map of Anglesey.

I've been thinking a while about doing an event for charity (I'll write a separate post about my choice). The hard part is thinking of a challenge that can be completed yet at the same time is hard enough to warrant sponsorship. I decided on a circumnavigation of Anglesey as a starting point, now I just have to plan how to go about it.

With the circumnavigation decided upon (approx. 70-80 miles), there are a number of variables I can manipulate around to alter the challenge.

They include:

  • Season (Likely weather conditions / amount of daylight)
  • Date (Tidal conditions caused by the moon)
  • Start Time (Night paddling?)
  • Start position (Working with tidal races)
  • Target time, perhaps the most obvious!

I feel the circumnavigation on it's own is a worthy challenge as the maximum distance I've paddled before is 13 miles around the island of Kerrera (Just off Oban), obviously further north than Anglesey but much more sheltered.

Lots of things to think about.


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