Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dot to dot

I've made a list of all the possible start points and perhaps more importantly the 'get outs' (should the sea start becoming too much). Now I have to figure out a smart way to join the dots depending on what the tidal steams will be doing and also whether to go clockwise or counter.

I'm going to discuss my planning and potential aims with a friend tomorrow (in the picture). He holds a 5* in Sea Kayaking (I'm only 1* officially but with skills between just over 2*), so is vastly more experienced. He also happens to have completed one of his assessments on Anglesey so has some local knowledge that I can tap into to decide what is achievable.

Thinking of adding some technical posts at some point, explaining things such as the formation of tides or design features on a kayak and so on. It might be interesting for those thinking of taking up the sport. I'll base it on all the things I didn't fully understand at the beginning and would have found useful.


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