Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Been too busy to do much this week with work and other commitments, it's another one of those were all you seem to do is wake up, go to work, cook, wash up, work a bit more, go to bed. Repeat.
I've just started my next module 'Structural Intergrity' for my OU Open Degree. Although I have encountered parts of it previously when studying for my HND a few years back it's pretty heavy and my maths is a bit rusty! Sounds bad for an engineer but my day to day work doesn't tend to need much, the last module I did was nano-technology which I felt right at home with as it fits more with the activities carried out in the lab where I work.

I also happen volunteer as equipment officer at Herts Canoe Club and the committee meeting was yesterday, they are usually quite long and yesterday was no exception. However, as I've said previously it is worth it though as it is a great club.

I've booked this coming Friday and Monday off to burn some excess flexitime so I should have some more time then, maybe write another semi-technical post. Although I think work might want me to do something on Saturday and Sunday, less paddling time for me!!

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