Thursday, 19 January 2012

1st Anti-clockwise Route - Slow...

Worked out an anti-clockwise route starting from Gallows point (a little north-west from Bangor). It looked alright to start with, making it around half the island in 6 hours and then heading down the west side of Anglesey for a little less. However, further on I've managed to time it 'perfectly' so the water is pushing me out into the Irish Sea when I reach Abermenai point (at the entrance to the Menai Straights). Not great when the tidal stream moves faster than you can paddle!

Slow... Around 17 hours on the water over 2 days by the end... Start again.

It might look like like its a case of "well you either go left or you go right around the island" but as the flows are constantly changing as the tide floods and ebbs it's a bit more complex. Choosing a good starting point becomes important.

Should also say I'm making it a little tough for myself as there are established routes from past circumnavigations, but I figured I'd learn much more by trying to work out a reasonable route myself a few times. The exercise will probably be useful in the end anyway as the wind can't be predicted until closer to the time, so it will be handy to have some additional routes and knowledge.

Something to build on.

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